Leah and Tom Nethercott

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Hey!! We are Leah and Tom Nethercott. We have been running Happy Hands Club classes in Raglan and Usk together since September 2019.

Our journey with Happy hands Club started after our little boy was diagnosed before he was born, with something called ACC - agenesis of the corpus callosum,which means he is missing the part that connects the two sides of the brain. After doing lots of research and speaking to other parents in the same situation, one of the common things suggested that was good for the brain and development was music! Which led us to find Happy Hands Club with the wonderful Lucy and we have never looked back!!! These classes have been so beneficial to our son, we are convinced they have had a huge impact on his development and really helped him to learn and progress.

We were so impressed and loved the classes so much that we wanted to be able to share the joy to other families too and see those amazing children's smiling faces ❤️

Our singing and movement classes are suitable for ages 0-4 and are multi sensory fun! A chance for you and your little one to have that quality bonding time together.

Feel free to contact us on leahandtomnethercott@happyhands.club for further information and we hope to see you soon!!!

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